You are currently viewing Class 12 Biology MCQs Chapter – 11
Class 12 Biology MCQs Chapter - 11

Class 12 Biology MCQs Chapter – 11

1. A molecular technique in which multiple copy of the desired gene is synthesized in vitro is called as



(C) Gel Electrophoresis

(D) Flow cytometry

Answer-( B )

2. Probiotics are

(A) A new kind of food allergen

(B)Safe antibiotics

(C) Live microbial food supplement

(D)Cancer inducing microbes

Answer-( C )

3. Which of the following techniques can be to introduce foreign DNA into cell ?

(A) Using disarmed pathogen

(B) Microinjection

(C) Gene gun

(D)All of above

Answer-( D )

4. T-DNA is found in :


(B) phagemid

(C) PBR 322

(D) PUC 18

Answer-( A )

5. The first restriction enzyme used in genetic engineering is :

(A) Eco RI

(B) Hind III

(C) Eco RV

(D) None of above

Answer-( A )

6. The restriction site chain present inE. Coli.

(A) Eco RI

(B) Hind III

(C) Bam HI

(D) All of above

Answer-( D )

7. Which vector is used in cloning of plants ?

(A) PBR 322

(B) Ti Plasmid

(C)Both (A) and (B)

(D) None

Answer-( C )

8. Which of the following sequences are recognised by EcoRI restriction enzyme ?





Answer-( A )

9. Which cry gene in the following  prevents boring of crop?

(A) cryIAC

(B) cryIIAb


(D) All of above

Answer-( D )

10. “Molecular scissors” used in genetic engineering is :

(A)DNA ligase

(B) DNA polymerase

(C) Helicase

(D)Restriction endonuclease

Answer-( D )

11. Which is used extensively for genetic engineering in plants ?

(A) Agrobacterium tumefaciens

(B) Xanthomonas citri

(C) Bacillus coagulens

(D) Clostridium septicum

Answer-( A )

12. PCR is required for :

(A) DNA synthesis

(B) DNA amplification

(C) Protein synthesis

(D ) Amino acid synthesis

Answer-( B )

13. Restriction endonuclease is most widely used in DNA recombinant Technology. It is obtained from :

(A) bacteriophage

(B) bacterial cells

(C) plasmids

(D) all prokaryotic cells

Answer-( B )

14. Bacteria protects themselves from viral attack by producing :

(A) Exonuclease

(B) Endonuclease

(C) DNA Ligage

(D) Gyrase

Answer-( B )

15. For induction of alien DNA is host cell we may use-

(A) Gene gun

(B) Micro-pipette

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of these

Answer-( C )

16. (amp)R gene is responsible for developing resistance in 

(A) Pest

(B) Insect

(C) Antibiotic

(D) Spherosome

Answer-( C )

17. Amplification of gene for interest may be done by




(D) All of these

Answer-( B )

18. Bio reactors provide optimal conditions to produce desired-

(A) Product

(B) Organism

(C) Medium

(D) All of these

Answer-( A )

19. Restriction enzymes are known as 

(A) Biological guns

(B) Molecular scissors


(D) Micro Pipette

Answer-( B )

20. The most common bacterium used in genetic engineering is :

(A) Escherichia

(B) Clostridium

(C) Salmonella

(D) Bacillus

Answer-( A )

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